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Join us this fall for a 7-week Acting Workshop with Mr. Josh!


Learn More About Acting!

What is
Improv Acting?

Improv acting is an unscripted performance. While many actors study improv at some point, at CGPAC, we use improv acting to encourage critical and creative thinking while allowing our students to trust their instincts and perform confidently through play-based learning. This is a seven-week class that ends with a showcase.

What is Theatre in the Round?

The two goals of Theatre in the Round at CGPAC are cultivating students’ vocal and physical skills. Another benefit of performing in the round is allowing students to share the storytelling responsibility. Performers will enter and exit through the audience, which strengthens the connection to the audience. This is a seven-week class that ends with a performance.

How do I register?

Signing up for this workshop couldn't be easier! This is a fully online registration, so click below to get started.

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