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Picture Day

Introducing... K+K Photography


NEW THIS YEAR - our CGPAC staff has been training to take dance photos this year, which will be better than ever.

Picture Day and Dress Rehearsal Schedules are now available!

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Picture Day: The time listed is the time you will be checking in for your class pictures. Please have full hair and makeup DONE before coming, and have your costume on and ready to go!


Feel free to come early if you would rather get ready at the studio. The Front studio will be available as a "holding room," so kids with multiple costumes are welcome to use that studio to get ready, as well as the dressing rooms and bathrooms. And yes, there will be chairs for the grown-ups. 

For now, check out some of our test photos that we took.

(Thank you to our wonderful student models!)

K+K Photo one page with pics.png

How do I order my photos?

This year, there is NO pre-ordering! When you arrive, every student will be given an identification card with their personal QR Code. All photos taken of this student will be linked to that QR Code. There is no requirement to purchase, and we will take individual pictures of every student who attends along with their group pictures.


You will need the access code on your QR code sheet to log in at the link above, or scan the QR code and log in!

Is this mandatory?

While these class pictures are not mandatory, we would love to have as many students there as possible! These group photos will hang in the hallway at CGPAC for the next year, and it's so fun for the students to see themselves up there.

Do I have to purchase anything? Or can my student just be in the group photos?

Of course! You absolutely do not have to purchase anything to be included in the group photos for the wall. We will take individual pictures of everyone (since there is no pre-ordering), and you will have the option to change your mind later. But no, there is no requirement for purchase in order to participate in pictures!

I have multiple students taking pictures. How can I access all of their photos together?

If you have multiple students, you will be able to add all of their access codes to the initial sign in page to see and order all of their photos together!

Can siblings take photos together in addition to their individuals?

Absolutely. Please contact us for more details.

Pictures ordered by June 2nd will be available for pick up at CGPAC this summer (at no additional cost).

This is what the ordering page will look like! You will have multiple options for packages to order, as well as digital download options.

Untitled design (23).png

Conflict Form

Jordan Sukow hugging girls onstage.jpeg

Conflict form is NOW CLOSED!

In order to set our students up to succeed, we require attendance at our MANDATORY dress rehearsals (one at the studio, and one on stage). Practicing together in costume with all performers in attendance before going to the theatre is a must. When we are on stage, we are worried about spacing, microphones, lighting, entrances/exits. We cannot fix costume issues or choreography. That is why these are MANDATORY.


With that said, we do everything we can to work around things you cannot change (a school concert, graduation, etc). It is a complicated process and Miss Amy will work hard to find a time slot for each class that can have full attendance.


Thank you for looking ahead at sport schedules, graduations, 8th gr. dances, etc so we can make this all work! Note that too many absences in April and May can mean being out of part of your recital dance. Please understand that the teacher teaches whether you are there or not, and there may be consequences to absences.


If you have any conflicts, please fill out this google conflict form to use to accurately submit anything you absolutely cannot work around

Early Release Form

Teaching students to perform includes learning about being part of the whole cast, which means being part of cast bows and supporting the other students performing throughout the show. Performers are in the show from beginning to end, just as audience members are sitting from beginning to end of the show. 

Being part of a performance is exciting, but we have to have rules in place for safety. All performers are expected to remain backstage for the entirety of the show and will have a final bow with the cast. The only exception to this is for preschool dancers, who will be signed out to their parents at intermission of each performance.

If your performer must leave before bows are complete, please fill out this form and email it to for approval. This must be done by the day before the performance. No exceptions will be made day-of. You will need her signature on the form in order for it to be valid. The volunteer working at the check-in station does not have the authority to give permission to release a child. They will need to see your signed release form in order to get your child for you.

We understand that due to scheduling, you may need to pick your student up early. However, please only use this if it is absolutely necessary, as it causes extra work and chaos for our backstage volunteers. With hundreds of dancers backstage, and volunteers who do not know everyone personally, we cannot and will not allow anyone to take a student during the show who does not have pre-arranged permission. We take the safety of your children very seriously, and ask that you make these plans in advance to help us keep everyone as safe as possible. 

Thank you for your understanding, and as always, let us know if you have any questions.

This is a fillable PDF. Please download it, fill it out, and email it to us. Then complete the steps above.


Volunteer shifts are NOW AVAILABLE in your DSP account! If is vital that all families help in order to keep our students safe and keep the shows organized and efficient. Parents of students in level 3 and under will be asked to chaperone one of the winter or spring performances for their shift. Parents of older students will be asked to usher, sell tickets, etc. A signup for each recital is now available in your DSP account (see image).

Refundable Family "Work Fee": We have stage performances in both winter and spring which require a lot of help. To earn back your $25 work fee, we ask you to work at least one shift per student. We will have opportunities throughout the year to work and earn back your fee. Those with students in Tot, Boogie Babies, Kiddydance, Ballet/Tap or Jazz 1.5, 1.7, 1.9 or 2, Boys Jazz, Jazz 3, Ballet 3, Tap 3, or Swing Choir 1 or 2 must chaperone for their duty.

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