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Dress Rehearsals

  • Each class will be called for 15-30 minutes at each mandatory dress rehearsal.

  • Each class will have ONE dress rehearsal at CGPAC on either Thurs. 5/23, Fri. 5/24, Sat. 5/25 (between 9am-12pm), or Tues. 5/28 between 3:45-8:30 pm.

  • Each class will also have ONE dress rehearsal on stage at CGHS on either Wed. 5/29 or Thurs. 5/30 between 3:45-8:30 pm.

All of your rehearsals will also show up in your DSP calendar.

Dress rehearsal schedule is NOW AVAILABLE!

To only view your classes, start by clicking File, then Make a Copy of the document, and delete all the classes that don't apply to your family! Then you have a personalized schedule.

Dress Rehearsals at CGHS:

For rehearsals at CGHS, you can enter through the auditorium lobby doors and enter the theatre that way. You can take a seat in the auditorium and wait until your class is called!

Costumes & Hair

Watch the video to find your costume info sheets in DSP!

For full information on your student's costume and hair requirements for recital (and dress rehearsals), please go to your DSP account.


In your DSP account menu, you will find the Costume Info Sheet linked under "Shared Files" and then "Class Files".

REMINDER: for all recital performances and rehearsals, students may not wear any of the following:

- Necklaces

- Bracelets

- Earrings larger than a stud (no hoops/dangly earrings)

- Earrings other than a gold/silver/diamond look stud

- Watches

If a student is wearing these, we will ask them to remove and put it in their dance bag, we cannot be responsible for prohibited jewelry that is sent to rehearsal or recital that is not allowed on stage.


- Nails should either be left natural or have a neutral color paint. Please no bright colors.

- Makeup should be worn for stage dress rehearsals and performances. Simple stage makeup, nothing too crazy: make sure they have blush on, mascara, and lipstick. A perfect time to try it out is stage dress rehearsals! You'll be able to see if it looks okay on stage, and then make adjustments. Let us know if you need help!


- Hair instructions will be included on your costume sheets for each class (available in May). These are available in your DSP account under "Files > Class Files"

- Please no temp tattoos during picture day/rehearsals/recital weeks! Think about this if they are going to birthday parties or sleepovers.


- Be proactive about sunscreen as we get closer to pictures/recitals. We have a few students every year who end up with terrible sunburns, or crazy tan lines for picture day and recitals. :)

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