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CGPAC offers a variety of technical and performance based classes with a comprehensive performing arts education as our goal. While some studios compete, we offer winter and spring performances with equal opportunities for all classes. We believe that giving students a foundation of technical dance while developing performance skills helps make for wonderful, well-rounded performers and students. We have a set curriculum for technical classes and assess student skills every spring to ensure proper placement.

We have learned that families put their kids in dance for a variety of reasons and benefits: 

socialization - physical fitness and learning to properly use and care for your body, muscles, and joints -  sensory awareness and understanding non-verbal communication - self-confidence - learning the importance of following through on a task, asking for help, graciously receiving corrections - teamwork and collaboration - time management.


It's important to know that every body is a dancer's body. Dance is for any age, gender, color, and experience level.

At CGPAC, we have a program for you!


Deciding what classes your student should take can feel intimidating, but with guidance from our staff, you can rest assured that your student will find the best mix of classes for their goals. We are happy to have you with us at CGPAC!

How old is your student?

More to Explore!

Little girl dance recital

Toddlers (age 1.5-3)

Play-acting, music and motor skill development for 16-30 month-olds with parent/guardian. Non-performing class, parent participates.

Play-acting, music and motor skill development for 28-36 month-olds (as of Sept. 1st). Perform in the spring, and possibly winter if ready.

Play-acting, pre-dance, for 3-4 year olds. (Must be 3 by Sept. 1st)

little kids dance class
little kids dance recital

Littles (age 4-5)

4 year olds:


Kiddydance (Pre-Ballet/Tap) Must be 4 by Sept. 1st



Swing Choir

little girl dance
young girls dance recital

1st-2nd grade



Swing Choir

little kids dance class
young boy dance

3rd-6th grade

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Swing Choir,

Hip-Hop, Contemporary Modern (4th grade+), Turns/Leaps/Jumps (5th grade+)

young dance students recital
adult dancer

7th-12th grade

Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Swing Choir, Hip-Hop, Contemporary Modern, Turns/Leaps/Jumps

high school dancers recital

Teen Classes

This track of classes is created for older beginners (age 10-18) who want to dance with less weekly-commitment. These classes do not require multiple classes a week, which is different from the main track, which requires multiple classes a week and more time in class.

We offer: Teen Ballet, Teen Jazz, Teen Tap, Teen Hip Hop

young dancers onstage


Beginner/Intermediate classes, geared toward moving your body while learning some fun choreography.

Adult tap, dance fitness.

*These classes do NOT perform. Purely for fun and movement!


Swing Choir

We have multiple sections of our Swing Choir class, in which you learn to sing and dance at the same time. This class is all about fun, showmanship, and gaining confidence onstage. Part of the class is learning the music, and the other part is learning choreography. 

Swing Choir 1: Kindergarten & 1st grade

Swing Choir 2: 2nd grade & 3rd grade

Swing Choir 3: 4th grade & 5th grade

Swing Choir 4: 6th grade - 9th grade

little kids dancing onstage
little kids onstage
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