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Piano and Voice Lessons

We offer 30 minute private piano and voice lessons at CGPAC.

How to Sign Up:

1. Fill out the scheduling form below (blue buttons) for whichever lesson type you're wanting to sign up for. Click below to see available time slots, and to submit your desired lesson schedule!

(Voice Lessons are almost full for this semester. Check back for more availability for January!)

2. Fill out the registration form (purple button), which can either be printed and filled out, or downloaded to submit electronically. This is a fillable PDF that can be saved and emailed to

Pricing & Payment Plans

The cost for lessons is $27.00 per 30-minute class. 

Tuition Total for the School Year = $812.00

1. Full payment at registration (10% discount – expires 9/1/2023) = $730.80

***This discount expired for all other classes July 30th, but since we are late in getting this out, we are extending it for voice and piano lessons only through Sept. 1st.

2. Three Payments Due at reg., 11/1, 3/1 = $270.67

3. 9-Monthly Payments at reg., 9/1-4/1 (includes fee) = $ 94.22

(note that this is 9 even payments with the first payment due at registration to hold the slot. The final payment is due April 1st, classes continue thru May 30th).

***Since we are getting this out to you in the end of August, note than if you choose 9 payments you will pay the “9th/May” payment to register, and the “1st/Sept” payment will be due Sept. 1. 

"Is my child old enough to take piano or voice lessons?"

We have had so many students take piano and voice with us over the last 25 years, and this is what we have found works best:


Girls should be at least 12 and boys should be at least 14. This is when their voices are healthy enough to handle vocal training once a week without putting strain on their changing voices.


Any students of all skill levels, age 7 to adult. If your student is younger than 7, please reach out to us and we will discuss their level of focus and ability to sit through a lesson on their own.

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