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Alumni 2024

Calling all CGPAC alumni!

Help us celebrate 25 years of CGPAC by joining us for the Spring Recitals this year! Since many of you never got your last recitals on the real stage (2020 and 2021 grads), and many of you have never performed on this stage in the "new" theatre (2015 and older grads), we hope to give you the gift of dancing with some friends on this beautiful stage during a recital!

"What are we doing?"

We are going to have any adult alumni come join us onstage to dance together! The Senior/Teacher dance has been expanded to include alumni in the end of the dance. This felt like a perfect time to welcome our Seniors into the amazing world of CGPAC alumni. :)


Don't worry, it's just a short one chorus of choreography at the end of the Senior/Teacher dance. It'll be very simple for you to learn, and we will practice before the recitals.

The Seniors have made a tutorial video for you to learn the choreography! Click below to learn it.

"When is this happening?"

Recitals are June 1st (2:30 and 6:00 pm) and June 2nd (2:30 and 6:00 pm)

You are welcome to participate at any and all of the shows! The Senior/Teacher dance will be the first dance after intermission in each show, so you would come backstage during intermission to get ready, practice one more time, and then dance onstage!

45 minutes before each show, we will have an onstage rehearsal with the teachers and seniors, so please join us for that to figure out where to stand, ask questions, etc.

"I'd feel more comfortable having extra practice. Can I come to the dress rehearsals?"

Of course you can! We will have the onstage dress rehearsals for the Senior/Teacher/Alumni dance at Cary-Grove on the following dates and times:

Wednesday 5/29 at 5:00 pm

Thursday 5/30 at 7:30 pm

You are more than welcome to come to either or both of these to get some extra practice. We'd love to see you there!

If you can't make these, do not stress. We will have the extra practice 45 minutes before each recital to run the dance onstage and make sure you feel totally ready!

"Who can participate?"

We would love to have ANY CGPAC adult alumni from the last 25 years join us! Please share the info with any of your dance friends and encourage them to come join you.

We are so proud to have 25 years of incredible students, and hope to get to celebrate with as many of you as possible.

"Do I need to sign up? Or can I just show up?"

Please fill out the form below so we know who all will be joining us at each performance!

"What do I wear for the dance? Do I need to break out my jazz shoes?"

No costume or dance shoes necessary. Just wear anything you want to wear (get dressed up, or just wear jeans, etc). and feel free to dance in your street shoes or barefoot! Whatever makes you comfortable.

Seniors and Teachers will be wearing their college t-shirts and leggings/black pants. You do not need to wear that, but just another option.

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