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Welcome to
K + K Photography!

We are so excited to bring our love for photography and dance to CGPAC. Our team has been training to bring you beautiful dance photos this year, and from now on.

CGPAC Photos are Now Available!

Your photo proofs are ready for you to view!

Scan the QR code on the sheet we gave you, or enter the access code on your student’s sheet to view.

(The access code was also emailed to you).

The pictures you are viewing are UNEDITED.

Once you purchase any of your pictures (digital and prints), they will all then be FULLY EDITED!

Here is an example of what that fully edited pictures would look like!

If you want your digital photos to be retouched for blemishes, suntan lines, glasses glare, etc, please scroll down to learn more.

All print products WILL be fully edited, cropped, and retouched for you, no extra fee.

K+K PHOTO (1).png

What do the unedited pictures look like?

The pictures you are viewing in your gallery on GotPhoto are unedited photos. Here are some examples of what those UNEDITED photos look like.

As you can see, the background has not been cropped, and small things (marks on the floor, temporary tattoos, etc) have not been retouched.

If you want to pay for retouching, see the bottom of the page.


You will receive fully edited photos after your purchase.


How do I order my photos?

We took individual pictures of all students who came to picture day at CGPAC! You will be receiving an email from K+K Photo with your access code for each dancer, as well as a paper sheet with a QR and access code for each of your dancers.

I purchased digital downloads of my photos. Do they download automatically?

Your digital downloads will NOT download automatically, since we are fully editing those for you. Once they are edited and ready to go, they will be sent to you!

I have multiple students taking pictures. How can I access all of their photos together?

If you have multiple students, you will be able to add all of their access codes to the initial sign in page to see and order all of their photos together! (see below)

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 10.56.26 AM.png

How do I get my prints? Will they be sent to me or do I pick them up?

All prints ordered before June 22nd will have complimentary delivery to CGPAC for you to pick up later this summer.

If you would prefer to have your print products shipped directly to you, you can choose to pay for shipping at checkout.

Do I have to purchase anything?

You do not need to purchase any pictures. We took individual pictures of everyone, so you will have the option to purchase any of them. But no, there is no requirement for purchase.

Retouching and Editing

The following retouching services are available for your digital downloads:

Remove blemishes/marks

Removing temporary tattoos/marker from arms

Sunburn lines

Removing glasses glare*

(We will do our best. We did take pictures of kids who wear glasses without their glasses so we can do some photoshop magic!)

General retouching will be about $5-10 per photo!

We will confirm your full quote with you.

CONSTANT CONTACT SHARE ON FB (15 x 8 in) (15 x 12 in) (10 x 20 in).png

How to Request Retouching

Any additional retouching (for things like sunburn, glasses glare, blemishes, or temporary tattoos) can be requested below for both print and digital!

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Any issues with your photos, or questions? Please reach out!

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