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Winter/Spring - School Year Registration 2023-2024

Celebrating our 25th Year of Dance, Music, and Theatre!

Our Goal: To educate children and adults about the arts, develop their skills as well as their self-esteem, have fun, and give students practical skills for life.


Established in 1999, CGPAC is an instructional studio featuring the unique opportunity to develop skills in dance, music, and theatre all under one roof! Owner Amy Krigas is proud CGPAC has grown to include over 700 student registrations. Our 5-studio facility offers nearly 6,000 square feet of space with first-rate classroom accommodations. If you have questions, please call our friendly office staff for assistance. This brochure is a guide to selecting classes, gaining an understanding of general expectations, what to wear for class, and the requirements for participation. You will receive a handbook at registration which will go into further detail. We look forward to having you in class.

~ Miss Amy

New students/not registered in the fall:

Registration Information: Registration will be in person by appointment.

In person registration: Some steps will be completed before you come, and the whole process should take 15-20 minutes. We look forward to sitting down with you to make sure all of your questions are answered. Email if you would like to discuss placement, class schedules, or other concerns.

Sign up for your registration appointment below!

Registration Information

1. Log in to your Dance Studio Pro account (or create one HERE!)

2. Read through the information on this page to determine which classes your student would be in, or contact us if you need help with placement!

3. Print out the registration form (or download fillable PDF) and bring it to your registration appointment. Make your registration appointment by emailing

Current students wanting to add a class:

Please send an email to with your registration inquiries, and we will add you in. Registration for current students is open now, and will open for new students on the 11th!

Refundable Family "Work Fee": We plan to have stage performances in both winter and spring which require a lot of help. To earn back your $25 work fee, we ask you to work at least one shift per student. We will have opportunities throughout the year to work and earn back your fee. There are many of you who work at every show, and we hope you will continue to go above and beyond to make your child's experience possible in these everchanging times. Those with students in Tot, Boogie Babies, Kiddydance, Ballet/Tap or Jazz 1.5, 1.7, 1.9 or 2, Boys Jazz, Jazz 3, Ballet 3, Tap 3, or Swing Choir 1 or 2 must chaperone for their duty.

Registration fee - all new families must include a one-time $25 fee to have your registration processed. Upon payment, each family will receive one free CGPAC dance bag. Please be sure to go on to sign up to get emails as this is our main form of communication.


RECITAL CAST and CLASS DAYS : Each class that performs has been pre-assigned to a cast (blue or yellow). For the optimal perfor- mance experience and best educational out- come from class, please follow these guidelines:

Students with 3 classes: try to put in one cast, and take classes on 2-3 days.
Students with 4 or more classes: try to split between casts, and take class on 2-4 days.

For younger dancers, please only take 1 class per night if you can. While not always possible, taking one class on several days warrants better progress in all areas than fewer days with multiple classes.

PARENT VIEWING: Although we like to keep our classrooms closed most of the time, we designate 3 viewing weeks for parents to observe classes. Viewing guide- lines will be shared as the time gets closer. These classes may be viewed in part or in whole. Viewing days are very important to both students and teachers. Please check the dates listed at left and put them on your family calendar.

EARN TUITION CREDIT: We have developed a “Dance Points” program to reward your loyalty to our studio. Each school year class will be awarded a "point" for every season (fall, winter, spring). Summer classes earn 1/2 point each. After paying for and completing a season, a point will be awarded. After acquiring 10 points, a $75 credit will be applied to your family account. This program is for active accounts only and credits have no cash value. Points and credits will be deleted from inactive ac- counts. Credits may be used for any future CGPAC payment.


Taking classes of any kind comes with implied risk, please check your personal insurance to ensure coverage. All families will be required to sign a liability waiver before taking any classes. Details on the registration form and in parent handbook.

TUITION AND FEES: Your tuition for the year is listed on the schedule. There are three different payment plans to fit your needs. Applicable costume fees are included. If you do not plan to participate in the performance, please let us know in writing in November so we don't order your non-refundable costume.

Explanation of Tuition/Refunds: It is our expectation that students will take class for the entire school year. To help you budget for this investment, please choose the payment plan that is best for you. Those families choosing the 2- or 4-payment plan will be required to secure their tuition agreement with a credit card to be kept on file. If a payment is more than 5 days late, the credit card on file will be charged the tuition amount, plus the 3% convenience fee. Our commitment to hiring teachers is for the entire year, therefore refunds cannot be issued for dropped classes. However, in some cases, CGPAC account credit may be issued.

Full Payment: Pay the full tuition for the year upon registration.

Two Payments: Split tuition into 2 equal payments due at registration and March 1st, auto-draft from checking or credit card can be set up through your DSP profile. Credit card must be on file in order to use this option.

Four Payments: Split it into 4 smaller payments (service charge included). The first payment is due upon registration and the 3 other payments are due by the 1st of each month, February through April. It is not a “monthly” payment, meaning you are not paying for “that month” with your payment, it is an equal distribution of money due which includes your costume fees. Please set up auto-draft from your checking or credit card account.

A convenience fee will be charged for all credit card (3%) and ACH (1%) payments. Avoid these fees by paying cash/check.

What Classes Can I Take?

Our Class Descriptions Page will help you with placement, and hopefully will answer any questions you might have. If you do have any questions, please call (847)639-3800 or email for placement help. Returning students, refer to your placement email.

*Not all classes are available for second semester registration due to level/curriculum, and some will require private lessons to catch up. Please double check the listed classes below, or contact us for more help.

What Do I Wear for Class?

Our Dress Code Page will help you with placement, and hopefully will answer any questions you might have. At CGPAC we enforce a strict dress code. Proper attire positively impacts attitude and behavior which ensures class- room success. This includes hair tied back for all classes, and in a bun for ballet. Please see the Dress Code Page of our website for more information. Thank you for your cooperation.

FAQs and Important Information!

Winter and Spring Dress Rehearsals and Performances: Each class will be assigned to one short time slot at CGPAC and one short time slot on stage at CGHS for dress rehearsals. Both Blue and Yellow Cast classes will rehearse on all days. Please try to keep all dates open! Please note that spring recital rehearsals are scheduled through the Saturday morning of Memorial Day Weekend. While performing is not required, in order to participate in recitals students ARE REQUIRED to attend BOTH DRESS REHEARSALS for their class. Avoid planning events and vacations during these mandatory re- hearsal times as it may affect your student’s ability to participate in performances. Also note that students in Kinder- garten and older will stay backstage for the entirety of each performance, and younger students will be released to their par- ents at intermission. Details will be on Recital page of

Website, Newsletters, Emails:
Signing up through Constant Contact to get emails is absolutely vital. If you do not receive our monthly newsletters via email, please go on and register to get them! Putting your email on your registration form does NOT sign you up for newsletters, you have to do it separately! If your email has changed, please sign up again! If you use google calendars, you can import our calendar onto yours! Also, please add our email to your address book: Thank you!

Why don’t we offer refunds? We make a financial commitment to hire teachers for the entire school year according to the enrollment numbers in August. We commit to providing you classes for the entire school year. In order to keep these commitments, we need you enrolled. If you are unsure about making a commitment for the full school year, please consider signing up for 9-payments. Your May 2024 payment (collected at registration) serves as a non-refundable deposit, but with this plan you can choose to stop taking classes (and making payments) at anytime through February. No class drops will be financially accommodated after March 1. All class drops must be submitted via email.

Dressing rooms, and other updates: Dancers level 4+ and those staying for multiple classes are welcome to use the dressing rooms. Some stu- dents have multiple classes with a break in between and may need to eat on site. Please ensure that any food consumed in the dressing rooms or lobby is not messy, and is properly disposed of after eating. Bottled water will be available at the front desk for $1. The drinking fountain and water bottle filler are both available for use. Hand sanitizing stations remain throughout the studio.

Zoom: Classes will be in person, but will still keep Zoom available for those who are having injury/illness that keeps them home, or who may be out of town but want to sign in for class. The technology in our classrooms will provide a superior virtual experience should you need to utilize Zoom.

Recital Fees and Tickets - In order to help you budget for your class and performance costs, the price of winter costume rental and spring costume purchase are included in your tuition (winter costumes will be returned to CGPAC, you keep spring costumes). Personal items such as dance shoes, bodyliner, tights for winter recital are not included (tights included for spring). A recital fee will be charged to all families participating in recitals in winter and again in spring to pay teachers, technical staff, and janitorial staff for their time and will includes access to professional videography. Tickets will be sold separately for each performance. Tickets will be $20 for all adults and $10 for children/ students.

Drop-off, parents in the building: Please pull in a parking spot and let your student out, then drive around to park in the Metra lot across the street. Please walk across to the studio at the end of class to collect your dancer from outside the studio and walk them across to your parked car. Or, pull into a spot if your student is older and can come to your car. Students who drive should park in the Metra lot and walk across. Keeping parking spots open in front of the studio is important for traffic flow. We love our parents and absolutely want to get to know you, so feel free to stop in to say hello. However, parents of young students are asked to not enter the building with their student unless making a payment or shopping in the store. Students as young as 2 did an awesome job the
last 2 years coming in and navigating the shoe/coat/dance bag process alone. We truly feel it made them more independent (with no tears at recital and no one needing to be coaxed on stage!). We will continue to leave street shoes in the lobby to keep the studio clean. But feel free to pop in once your child is in class if you would like to ask questions or just to say hello!

School Year 2023-2024

(Classes shown below are the classes available for winter registration.  Please note that classes started in September, and some classes will require a few private lessons to ensure your student gets caught up with curriculum from the fall.)


Important information for Level 3 and 4 Dancers.

Explanation of Classes for Teen Dancers.

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